Project Description

Pause for Dramatic Effect

A NaPodPoMo 2019 Audio Drama Experiment

Pause for Dramatic Effect Show Art - An Audio Drama by Gagglepod Studios

About Pause for Dramatic Effect

Pause for Dramatic Effect is a narrative audio drama about modern-day man’s challenge to survive dark forces and ancient magic. Follow the adventures of Dougless Dire, a US Marine Corps veteran who is still trying to come back from his combat tour in Iraq, as he finds a ring that forces him to confront his own battle with reality.

A NaPodPoMo 2019 narrative audio drama experiment written and directed by Kyle M. Bondo and produced by Gagglepod Studios.

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Chapter 2 – Prophecy — Where Douglas Dire struggles with his post-military trauma and starts to hear strange sounds.

Chapter 1 – Ring — Where we meet our main character and his chance discovery of a very interesting ring.

Chapter 0 – Prophecy — Where we introduce our narrator, Thomas Black of the Guild of Watchers.

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