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What if I launch a podcast that nobody wants to hear?

Most of us looking to start a podcast with the most obvious ingredient: the microphone.

Because when it comes to your voice, the act of recording feels most natural and straightforward.

But it makes it so easy to end up with a podcast that nobody wants to listen to.

And isn’t that every new podcaster’s worst nightmare? All that work and nobody cares.

Failure. Not even dramatic failure — a fade, a podfade.

A podcast that nobody wants to hear.

Let’s press pause that horror scenario for a moment and consider the alternative…

Gagglepod works before, during, and after the microphone.

What if you knew that your podcast would launch to happy listeners on day one?

If you knew exactly what your listeners wanted, you could simply create a podcast for them.

You could stop saying, “But I’m not an expert…” because you’d know exactly how to talk to your audience.

You could stop worrying, “Will anyone listen to this?” because you’d know they will.

You could stop wondering, “What if they don’t like it?” because you made it just for them.

You could kick your fears to the curb and start creating good content.

You could launch your new podcast to an excited list of people who trust you and who want to listen to you.

You might even hear the magic words: “WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?”

You could have listeners on your very first day.

Imagine never worrying and wondering “will anybody listen this podcast I made?”

What if it was more than possible….what if it was repeatable?

How can you create a predictable podcast launch?

When you start out building a podcast, the best you can do is hope that someone will want it enough to download to it.

But the goal your podcast isn’t just to get downloads.

Anyone can download to your podcast at least once, and sometimes those downloads are not even real people.

You can’t grow an audience unless you have real people who want to hear from you all the time.

Real Listeners.

Listeners are the pivotal ingredient in podcast success. The one thing you cannot succeed without.

So, if you want to launch to instant subscribers, you must start with the listener.

Figure out what they love, what they hate and what they’re talking about.

Then figure out a point of view that you — yes, you! — can take to give it to them with your podcast.

When you learn what your would-be listeners need, want, and want to talk about (read, share, use, recommend), you also learn…

  • … what content will attract them. No more begging for listeners!
  • … what point of view will compel them to subscribe. Watch your podcast audience grow.
  • … what you can do to earn their trust. People who trust you want to keep listening.
  • … what they think is good enough audio. Keep yourself from going overboard with high-priced gear.
  • … how often they will want your content. Set your production tempo to keep them wanting more.

When you start with the listener everything becomes clear and a whole lot easier.

You can redirect the energy you would normally pour into fretting, freaking out, and thrashing into creating a show that is podcast worthy.

You can make a plan. Execute that plan. Move forward. Create a good show.

And of course, produce a podcast that your listener’s want, need, and are ready to subscribe to.

And then launch, to Real Listeners!

Learn and practice focusing on your listeners with Gagglepod Beginner Podcasting Workshops.

When you enroll in our Workshop, here’s exactly what you’ll do:

  • You’ll learn how podcasting works
  • Find your purpose by brainstorming your passions and targeting your topic
  • Learn how your space works and who is in it
  • Go through the process of discovering what your potential listeners are talking about
  • Work towards a theme and decide your point-of-view
  • Find your boundaries, filter your details, and define your look and feel
  • Convert your point-of-view into episode stubs
  • Discover how a recording plan and scripting can save you production time later
  • Get into the guts of audio editing and microphone techniques
  • You’ll learn how to record an episode, fix your mistakes, and export a final product
  • And then what happens when your episode is finished, how to get it uploaded into a media host, and prepare your first RSS feed
  • Then convert that RSS feed into a listener magnet by connected it to directories
  • You’ll create social media posts and understand the strategies that help listeners find your podcast
  • And you’ll execute a launch that builds momentum and anticipation

The systems, techniques, and processes you’ll learn in our Beginner Podcasting Workshop have been developed over years and by observing the successes and struggles of 100+ students with their podcast launches.

If you use the process, the process works.

Yes, process — it’s the least sexy word in the world, but the right process will help you conquer your fears, get you out of your own way, and do the most valuable work of your life.

The Beginner Podcasting Workshop map will show you where to go, when, and most importantly, how! Instead of flailing around trying random things, you’ll be able to follow a clear path. And, with our active podcasting community, you won’t be on that path alone.

You could start influencing your listeners within a day….

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