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W What if you could redirect all that energy you would normally pour into research, restarts, and redos into a streamlined process that allows you to create a podcast in days instead of months?

This is the focus of Gagglepod’s Podcasting Workshops. With three options to chose from — One-Day Event, Live Online Sessions, or One-on-One Coaching — we will teach you how to design, plan, publish, and launch your first podcast.

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Gagglepod works before, during, and after the microphone.

Not Ready? Design It First!

Y You’re smart. You’re capable. You’ve got the skills to make a good podcast. You can see the kinds of results others podcasters are creating for themselves. You want those results, too.

But when you try it, you get stuck. You stall. You start to say things like, “I’ll finish this later”. Which often leads you to, “It’s just not quite ready yet” or worse, “You know, I don’t really feel like working on this anymore.”

Don’t let this be your podcasting story! Learn to design your podcast and its production plan BEFORE you ever turn on a microphone.

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Free Podcast Learning!

VVirginia is for Podcasters! Gagglepod supports podcasting by sponsoring the Virginia Podcasters Association (VAPODA). VAPODA is a podcasting meetup dedicated to free podcast education and collaboration.

Located in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia (located 40-miles South of the Washington DC), VAPODA Meetups are held once a month (usually on Mondays). Click the button below, RSVP, and we will see you at our next meetup!

VAPODA Meetups

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We put our money where our mouth is by investing in producing our own network of podcasts. We enjoy creating everything from art and technology podcasts to podcasts that tell a story or explore a mystery. Here are some of our latest endeavors. Please take a listen, subscribe, and tell us what you think!

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It’s not the thing that is important. It’s the thing that gets you to THE THING that is. That is podcasting. Podcasting is the thing that gets you to the next thing.


Who We Are

Gagglepod is a podcasting company that helps everyday people tell their stories and share their knowledge through podcasting. We provide coaching, workshops, and design strategies that give you the skills to produce your own podcast.

We support your podcast development journey by helping you design a podcast, create your ideal show, and give you all the tools you need to launch it. From creative strategy and podcast production expertise to podcast training and full-service studio services, we can make your podcast worthy of being heard.

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