Introduction to Podcast Design

Introduction to Podcast Design

Podcast Design Plan: 5 Principles for Designing and
Creating a Successful Podcast

I know your frustration. I’ve launched several successful podcasts but that doesn’t make me second guess each one. In fact, a few years ago I worked hard to create a well designed and produced podcast for what I thought was an interested audience. I released it to a very underrepresented niche with high hopes. However, the podcast never gained more than 50 listeners. 50 in 2-years.

It was disheartening.

I know stories like that can be depressing. It certainly took me some time before I tried podcasting again after that happened.

But I’m glad I did.

In the years since then, I partnered up with my best friend and business partner Tim Brien, and together we’ve released many other podcasts (some created in as little as a day!) that have generated thousands of listeners. Best of all, they’ve helped transform the podcasts of hundreds of our clients.

The bottom line is that I’ve done it both ways. I’ve launched good podcasts and created a few podwrecks. Along the way, I’ve learned some vital lessons about what makes the difference between them.

That’s more than I have time to get into here, which is why I’d like to invite you to watch this free introductory course: The Podcast Design Plan: 5 Principles for Designing and Creating a Successful Podcast!

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