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IndiePodCon 2020 Presentation

Presentation Slides – Stop Podwrecking! Design Your Podcast First
Why should you design your podcast first? Apple Podcasts reports almost 1,000,000 shows in its directory. But how many of those shows are alive? Or Good? Or even worth listening to? It turns out that the real number of live shows is only 250,000. That means there are 750,000+ dead shows — directories full of Podwrecks! So how do you become one of the 250,000 shows that survive? How do you avoid becoming a podwreck? The answer is by becoming very clear, very narrowly focused and obsessed with knowing — without a doubt — what the WHY of your podcast is! When you get this “crispy” with your podcast design vision, you can create a podcast concept that has a fighting chance of surviving!
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Podcast Worthy – The Podcast Design Course!
Struggling with your podcast idea? Not sure how to transform your topic into a podcast people will listen to? You are not alone in asking this question. In fact, this is the #1 concern for every new podcaster… EVER! If you have this concern then get serious about Podcast Design and Pre-production by checking out our upcoming course Podcast Worthy. Today could be the first day of the rest of your podcast’s life! Sign-up to save your seat in our July 2020 class!

Podcast Worthy – The Podcast Design Book!
If courses are not your thing, Kyle has been writing the missing podcasting book — a book focused specifically on podcast design and pre-production. The book has taken him almost 2-years to complete, but if you would like to receive an advance copy (and receive 50-percent off the cover price) please visit our book release party sign-up page and get ready to go deep into podcast design principles and processes — all the thinking that SHOULD take place BEFORE the microphone. Plus, if you sign up, Kyle will HAVE to finish this book — so sign-up and help him over the finish line today! Expect to see an update for our pre-release party in Fall 2020!

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Thank you for watching my presentation and for visiting us! We hope that what you learn here will help you avoid becoming a Podwreck and that makes your podcast idea something that is Not Easily Squished! — Cheers! Kyle and Tim

Thank You!

Thank you so much for attending our IndiePodCon 2020 Talk!

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