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Creating Loyal Brand Podcasts

5 Secrets to Creating Loyal Brand Podcasts Webinar

Great brand podcasts find a way to redefine and own the conversation an industry has been having with its consumers.

Unfortunately, most branded podcasts miss the point!


Because nobody wants to hear another episode about how fantastic your product or service is!

They don’t care!

But what they DO care about is a brand podcast that has deep niche understanding and is willing to solve customer problems without pushing the sale.

In this webinar, Kyle M. Bondo highlights the creative principles that make a brand podcast actually work for your business! Sign up for 5 Secrets to Creating Loyal Brand Podcasts (*Regular Price $97) and learn the secrets that successful brand podcasts already know!

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    Brand Podcasting

    Most businesses think that brand podcasts need to be all about “Me, Me, ME!”

    They think that a podcast about their business should ONLY talk about what their business CAN do or make and rarely about WHY they do it. This leads them to create podcasts that go deep into talking about their service, their widget, and what THEY think you should buy.

    This isn’t a podcast, it’s a commercial.

    In making a 45-minute commercial these brands forget to do something very specific: they forget to talk to their customers about WHY they are trying to solve their pain.

    They cannot help themselves from reverting back to the age-old “Me, me, me” conversation and focus on the HOW.

    They never stop and ask WHY their customers have this pain, problem, or situation in the first place.

    Why? Because it’s SAFE — or better yet — mainstream.

    They tell themselves, “Everyone in my industry is doing it this way and they seem to be successful, so why shouldn’t I do the same thing with my ads, my commercials, and my websites?”

    But no one is listening to these podcasts.

    No one.

    Why? Simple: The average podcast listener — the potential next customer you are trying to reach — does not want to listen to a 45-minute commercial!

    Brand Podcasts

    What they DO want is to experience what successful brand podcasters call “ads that people actually want to listen to.” (Fast Company, 2019)

    However, we take this idea a step further. We don’t think of brand podcasts as ads at all, rather we think of them as non-ads. We’ve discovered that — if done correctly — a podcast centered around WHY you do what you do can create a higher level conversation with your customer.

    This is the fundamental secret to every great brand podcast: They have found a way to redefine the conversation so that they are having it WITH their customers, not AT their customers!

    When you have that higher-level conversation correctly, you discover another secret: your company gets to shape the industry conversation too!

    This is a subtle point that many brand podcasts miss. 

    Primarily because what works for gaining the loyalty of one brand’s customer WILL NOT work for another brand’s customer!

    Fortunately, what podcast listeners — and your customers — do have in common is a desire to hear about the inner workings deep within your business niche. They want you to talk about the WHY of their problems and that you have a true understanding of what they are dealing with. 

    This is when they will become open to the HOW. 

    But more importantly, they want you to talk about its ways of solving their problems without pushing a sale.

    I know. This seems counterintuitive. Your natural default with any marketing campaign is to push for the sale. That’s what marketing is for, right? Pushing the sale? You’ve been taught that if you don’t push the sale then you don’t make any money. And no money means no company.

    However, brand podcasting is counterintuitive in that you NEVER directly push the sale. Instead, if done correctly, you never have to.

    It’s subtle in that that the sale will come to you!

    This is the best-kept secret within brand podcasting:  When you get people to love WHY you do what you do, they will always seek you out first for the sale.

    How do you do get customers to love WHY you do what you do?

    By talking to customers about solutions. Solutions that your business just happens to make a product or service for.

    Do you want to know how to craft a successful brand podcast for your business?

    Then please join me for our free webinar: The 5 Secrets to Creating Loyal Brand Podcasts.

    Creating Loyal Brand Podcasts

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