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Garbled Twistory

Humanizes History Through Humorizing History

About Garbled Twistory

Garbled Twistory by Rafiq Taylor, is a podcast that humanizes history, through humorizing history. It re-tells history in a way that places special emphasis on the most unusual elements and indiscriminately injects F.U.N by the bucketload!

A retelling of common history in a most unconventional style!

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George Clinton: Nobody Cares About Your Arthritis

This Episode: I can’t believe I had to make this episode. The dude literally said he was retiring and yet his political party still voted for him enough times to change the election result, thus requiring me to make this update even though this man deliberately decided not to try and do anything important lately. *facepalm* Americans I tell ya… But hey at least I got to clear up the Vermont thing!

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