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Event Yak

A Podcast Where Event Pros Yak It Up

Event Yak - A Podcast Where Event Pros Yak It Up

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Event Yak is an industry-related podcast, where Event Pros share their stories about the past, present, and future. Grab your Backstage Pass, and come take a peek into the most interesting world you’ve never heard of. Join your host Terri Walters — 30-year Events Industry Veteran and Founder/CEO of Moonfish Production, a media and live event production company, as she talks with a diverse crew who live, eat and breathe Live Events.

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EY 5 VIRTUALLY THERE with Kyle Bondo – Kyle is a (maybe not so?) rare combination of IT systems and web guru, prolific content creator, and gritty outdoor sports enthusiast. Put those things together, and you come up with a world of events where virtually, nothing is impossible.

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