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Canceled Podcasts:
How Not to Name Your Show

Bonus Content from Podfest 2019 Pecha Kucha Presentation by Kyle Bondo

Naming your podcast is close to the hardest thing you can go through next to all the other hard things in podcasting.

The struggle to find a good name is real AND very difficult to get right!

You can do it but you need to steer clear of the obvious mistakes many podcasters make when naming their show.

To illustrate this struggle — and not out any real podcasters — I created a fictional failed podcast lineup.

I created a fictional podcast lineup of shows that never saw the light of day because of their horrible names.

This is your Cautionary Naming Tale for what not to do when you name your show!

A version of this was given by Kyle Bondo, CEO of Gagglepod and Co-Host of Podwrecked, at Podfest Multimedia Expo 2019 Pecha Kucha Event on March 7th, 2019.

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