How can two podcasts be about the same topic?


Perspective is how “It’s Raining Men” and “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” can be about the same event!

How YOU see a topic is not how THEY see a topic. This is how you can add your podcast voice to a niche that already has competition. Your perspective on a topic is influenced by your experiences, values, and interests. It is unique as a fingerprint.

When you think that podcast you want to produce will not work because there are already podcasters in that space, think again! Professional listeners often choose a podcast based on three factors: Quality, Content, and Perspective.

Quality and Content are process-driven. Perspective, however, is all about YOU! And out of 7-Billion people on this planet, THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU!

Use your unique perspective to your advantage and avoid copying everyone else. Listeners subscribe to your podcast to hear YOUR perspective, not a regurgitation of someone else’s.

This is what we mean when you hear us say, “Be Yourself.”

Your perspective is important. Don’t hide it by pretending to be someone you’re not!