The Fred Rogers technique for reaching out to your audience

By Timothy Kimo Brien

Breaking the 4th wall and really connecting with your audience. Get tips from Timothy Kimo Brien and his years of Theater, Improv, and podcasting experience as he shows you the different techniques pioneered by Fred Rogers, host of the hit PBS show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, that you can use to better reach your podcast audience.

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What is your Weird Thing?

By Kyle M. Bondo

What makes your podcast weird? In podcasting, weird can be the one thing that makes you cool. It’s what makes you stand out from all the other podcasters in your space and creates fans – fans who “get you” because they’re just a little weird too. Not sure what your weird is or how to be weird? During this talk, I will illustrate the things that make some of my favorite podcasts just weird enough to make you fall in love with them. #stayweirdpodcasters

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