Introduction to Podcasting Workshop

Do you want to create a podcast but don’t know where to start?

Gagglepod Workshops is a great place to learn!

In this workshop, Gagglepod will give you a first-hand introduction to podcast creation, production, and launching, with enough personalized instruction to get you from the idea of a podcast to publishing your first podcast in no time.

What Can You Learn?

  • Introduction into what podcasting is and how it works
  • Understanding of the podcasting production process
  • An approach to podcast show development
  • Introduction into podcasting recording hardware and software
  • Understanding of how a podcast is launched
  • An approach to podcast audience building
  • Podcast hardware setup walk-thrus
  • Microphone use exercies
  • Hands-on audio editing lessons
  • Podcast workflow walk-thrus
  • Podcast asset and resource discovery
  • Show artwork development options
  • Upload to media host demonstration
  • Submission to podcast directories
  • Any question you need answered along the way
  • And much, much, more!

The Introduction to Podcasting workshop is an exclusive 1-Day course (limited to 10 students) that will provide you what no other podcast training will give you: quick wins, one-on-one like instruction, and the confidence to start your own podcast tomorrow!

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Our next Introduction to Podcasting Workshop opens in March 2018