This is the End of your Podcast | This is the End of your Podcast

Sometimes you have to turn a podcast off.

This is called poddeath.

It is when you walk away from your show for good.

This goes beyond podflashing, podfading, and even podwrecking.

A podflash is a show that never gets past Episode #1 to #3. This is a podcast that never gets started.

A podfade is a show that had a good run but the creator starts producing it with no regularity. You can still find a new episode every now and then, but the enthusiasm they once had for it is gone.

Then there is the podwreck — the podcast that resembles a wreck of its former glory. This is when a creator finally walks away from a podcast for good but keeps all the past episodes available. These are the podcasts that have been around for years without a new episode. Like a shipwreck smashed on the rocks of a shallow beach, these shows haunt the directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google.

Poddeath - Gagglepod Podcaster Lexicon

However, when your podcast is finally ready to be truly done, it is time to give your show a good poddeath. Poddeath is what truly happens when you decide your podcast is finally over. No more media files, no more hosting, and no more RSS feed. It leaves the digital audio world with only memories.

Hopefully, your show taught you something about podcasting. It may have even taught you something about yourself. Every opportunity this show gave you to be on the microphone was an experience you needed. You have to believe your show served its purpose and reached who it needed to reach.

Now, with a grateful heart, it must end.

Before it goes, make sure to reminisce about the journey you took with that show and then Thank it for giving you the creative muse to put it into the world.

Then log into your hosting service, and close your show.

It will hurt and you will feel sad but that’s okay because out of this poddeath will rise a new creative idea. It is only through letting go of your old podcast that you will free up your mind to create something new.

The end of your show is not the end of your podcasting journey.

Just remember what Semisonic said about endings in their song Closing Time:
“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”

Now go start a new beginning to a new podcast

Kyle M. Bondo ( is dedicated to simplifying the complicated world of Podcasting. As the Chief Creative at Gagglepod (, and co-host of Podwrecked (, Kyle has been podcasting for 5 years, designed and produced several podcasts, and hopes to make a small dent in your podcasting universe by evangelizing the principles behind good podcast design.

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